We value building strong relationships with those who touch our lives.  Some of our relationships are casual and involve yearly visits.  Some of our relationships are weekly to daily check ins.  We have a passion for getting to know people for who they are and supporting them the best we can.  

We value education and want our children to become successful and independent adults, to the best of their capability.  Katie being in the field of education knows how important this is to start at a young age.  We will encourage our children to reach for the moon and fly to the stars.

We belong to a nearby ELCA Lutheran church.  We choose our home church, because of its wide variety of programs for all to participate to grow in their faith.  Both of us have wonderful memories of mission trips, Wednesday night faith development, singing in choirs, and overnights with our church groups. 

We value each other and the love and relationship we have built together.  We understand that above all else our relationship has to be nurtured and taken care first, in order to be a healthy family for our children.   You will find we are full of love, smiles, jokes, and support.