How We Met/Wedding:

We met in the spring of 2006 through Aaron's sister Abby.  We quickly realized our path has crossed many times before then. Katie grew up knowing Aaron’s grandparents through church and Aaron going to college with Katie’s cousin.  We believe it was that moment in life our paths crossed and we became Aaron and Katie.  We whole-heartedly believe this will be the case in becoming a family beyond 2.
In 2008 we were married at Katie's childhood church.  We felt this was fitting for Aaron's parents and Katie's family.  It was a gorgeous October day and so much fun having our family and friends there to help us celebrate.     
In our journey to become parents, we know we have to keep our relationship with each other front and center.  We are lucky to have grandparents, family, and friends near help support us and take Adeline to continue grow our relationship.  A date night in or a date night out, we know we have to stay at the center of our family.  
My Love
My Sweet

Starting a Family

We knew from the moment we got married we wanted to start a family.  The journey towards starting a family did not happen as we thought it would.  It lead us towards a wonderful journey of slowing down the plan to have children right away and enjoy each other.  In 2013ish we went to our first adoption fair at Lutheran Social Services and began our thought process of how we wanted to grow our family.  As both of us love meeting and connecting with new people, we knew open adoption was the right plan for us. 


In 2018, we welcomed Adeline to our family through open adoption. We feel very blessed Adeline's birthmother choose us.  Through the birth plan, we were able to be part of her birth and hold Adeline right away.   Adeline has filled our hearts and our lives.   


Through adopting and welcoming Adeline into our family we have learned her first are not our last first for our family.  We love watching her grow and discover the world around her and we know our family is not complete.  Through waiting for Adeline we learned the perfect match is out there for us and we are excited for our next match to grow our family! 


As a family we love to travel.  Either up to Katie's family cabin, camping on the North Shore, or jet setting to some place warm.  Time away together and seeing new things is important to us.  Most of our spots include a large body of water, visiting with friends or family, and plenty of adventure.  We can't wait to continuing building these memories as more then a family of three.  Our family goal is to see all 50 states and travel to as many national parks as possible.  

As a couple we also enjoy kayaking. Shortly after getting married we discovered the love of the sport of sea kayaking. Anyone who knows us knows how much we love to go kayaking.  Kayaking has brought us on an amazing growth journey as individuals and as a couple.  We have seen nature in its true beauty and experienced amazing places.  Kayaking has taken us on local Twin Cities lakes to Lake Superior to Georgia to Maine to Alaska.  After welcoming Adeline to our family we still find time to kayak and enjoy being on the water together.  We find this time important in maintaining our relationship and who we are first.

Our Friends and Family

We could not continue on this journey without the huge support of our friends and family.  Building deep relationships is important to us and our friends and family mean the world to us.  For some we have only known for a few short years, for others our whole life.  Each one is special to us and how they touch our lives.   We love traveling with them, spending time at Katie's family cabin, weekly dinners with our friends, being part of their kids lives, and countless adventures and memories.  Holidays are gathered with friends or family.  Summer days are spent on decks grilling and playing in the water.  Winter nights we gather with good food and a game. Our friends and family were excited for us to welcome Adeline into our family.  She is so loved by so many people.  They are excited for us to welcome another one into our family to grow their hearts even more with love!