Quick Facts About Us

  • We are a fun, adventurous family who love to be outside.  We love to go camping, on bike rides, evening walks in our neighborhood, and be anywhere on the water.  

  • We love ice cream, pizza, coffee, and weekend breakfasts.

  • Our favorite activity as a family is reading!

  • We love to travel near and far.

  • We love spending time with our friends and family.

  • We love going to our local community center to workout or swim.  

  • We love Sundays and our day together!




By day Aaron is a probation officer and by night he is a dad and a firefighter.  Little kids think that is pretty cool, kinda like Batman.  Aaron is a devoted dad and loves having his 1:1 time with Adeline.  The two of them enjoy going to the park and their Saturday morning breakfast dates. 

When he is not working Aaron loves to be outside.  Aaron does not sit still, so you can always find him doing something.   Katie says the best part about Aaron is his soft heart and his bad jokes (they will always cause you to roll your eyes.)

 Oh Aaron does the grilling and is pretty good at it! 



Katie is a special education teacher within a local school district.  Katie used to be a preschool teacher and loves watching all ages learn new things.  During her long breaks she is busy finding new adventures.  On non-school days Adeline and Katie enjoy morning snuggles, breakfast, walks, and whatever else they find exciting.  They are both excited to have another little one to share in their day, off adventures. 

When she is not teaching you can find her getting crafty, working out, spending time with her friends, and finding the best sweet spot restaurants. Aaron says the best things about Katie is her heart for everyone she meets and her cooking.   


Future Big Sister

Adeline is an active two-year-old, who spends her days playing and discovering new things.  Adeline joined our family through open adoption! Mom and Dad were able to be at the birth and hold her right away.  We all loved the time we had cuddling and figuring out who each other were. 

Adeline's favorite activities include reading books, music, playing outside, animals, other kids, and spending time with family.  Mom says her favorite thing about Adeline is her morning snuggles and singing silly songs with her. Daddy loves to play games and when he gets to have Saturday morning breakfast dates, together! Every day Adeline is learning new things and is excited to have a sibling to share books, toys, and adventures with.


Our Fur Baby

Katie grew up with dogs and always wanted one for our family.  After seeing how much Adeline loved dogs and was so comfortable around them, Aaron decided it was time to add a four legged member to our family.  

We welcomed Indie the Goldendoodle to our family in May 2020.  Indie, is the sweetest dog and loves Adeline.  She loves to eat sticks, chase balls, kiss Adeline, and be with us.  Indie has prepared Adeline for what it means to share and everything is not hers.  Indie is very excited to love up on all humans and can't wait to have another human sibling to love up on.  

Our Home

Favorite Place

We live in the southwest metro about 30 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. Our house is a single family home within an association.  We all have a common yard space, which is shared by lots of kids running around.  We have the type of neighborhood which you hear people calling their kids home for dinner.

Within a block we have a large park with baseball and soccer fields and a play ground for all ages.  The park is connected to the bike and walking trails which go all over the cities.  We love going for a walk or bike ride every day we are able to.

Our home is cozy and one we love to have people over for games and a good meal.  Spending time in our home together and with those we love is our favorite place to be.